Excessive accessories. 
Handcrafted to the highest standard.

Alacritous, founded by Brian Swift in 2012, has become an internationally published eyewear powerhouse. Working with materials that are second to none, Alacritous promises quality alongside a refreshing creative vision. Inspired by Swift's personal style, Alacritous derives from a blend of innovative movements including punk, glam rock, and conceptual fashion. All of our pieces are pristinely produced in our NYC studio. Each piece is hand-assembled and undergoes a thorough three-step cleaning process. While we take our bedazzling seriously, we design each collection with a sense of humor that inspires each wearer to keep pushing for a glitterier future.




Brian Swift derives inspiration for each collection from his work as a photographer. Swift then utilizes his knowledge as a stylist to immaculately craft avant-garde collections. Since the founding of Alacritous, he has had 12 different hair styles in six different colors. He can most frequently  be spotted taking selfies while making snide remarks on the internet.